Monthly Waso-do Kimono Class

Learn to wear Japanese traditional attire: from yukata to formal kimono. Once a month class with full curriculum: lectures, dressings, and tests

Ohanashikai (おはなし会) Japanese Story Time

Ohanashikai ~Japanese Storytime~ is a program offered free to members of the Japan-America Society of Washington DC with children ages 5 and younger. / ワシントン日米協会では日本語が理解できる会員のお子様(2歳~5歳)を対象に日本のお話や歌を教えるプログラムを開催しています。

Lunchtime Yoga in Japanese

Would you like to make your lunch time calm and relaxing with yoga? The class will be instructed in Japanese so you will not only get a chance to relax but also practice your Japanese language skills. You will...