The Japan-America Society is open to everyone who wishes to share in its mission.

According to our membership survey, a typical member is American, under 40, works in the private sector, has lived in Japan, and speaks Japanese to some extent. But the truth is our members come in all ages. They are both American and Japanese. Some are senior US Government officials and former Ambassadors, while others are students. Some are world-renowned experts on Japan, while others have only recently become attracted to Japan’s fascinating culture and society.

What unites all of them is a strong interest in Japan and a recognition that the Japan-America Society of Washington is the best way for them to stay in touch with Japan all year long. They also want to share their interest in Japan and the importance they attach to US-Japan relations with others. That is why our members work so hard to support the Society’s efforts to reach out to the community through our school programs, the Sakura Matsuri street festival, and the Japan Bowl.

General & Corporate Membership

The Society has two overall categories of membership: general and corporate.

Within the general membership category, there are special rates for students, senior citizens, and families.

Corporate members receive an additional array of benefits. For more information on corporate membership, click here.

Membership-ssRegardless of their membership status, individual or corporate, all members:

  • Receive invitations to the Society’s public affairs and cultural programs, luncheons, book signings, lectures, seminars, receptions, beer gardens, sake tastings, bonenkai (year-end party), US-Japan baseball night, and many other professional and social events.
  • May enroll in the Society’s Japanese Language School at discounted rates
  • Can network with Japanese and American officials, business leaders, and other members of the Society
  • Can access the Society’s library of over 1,500 books, videos, and DVDs on Japan

In addition, if you have Japan-related work/study experience and are job hunting, our Resume Circulation Service will help you get your resume on the desks of top executives in the Washington area for a small service charge.

The Society also offers a number of volunteer opportunities for all of its members, including helping with the Annual Sakura Matsuri, the Japan Bowl, and the Japan-in-a-Suitcase schools program.

How to Become a Member

Please fill out the following application forms.

General Membership application
Corporate Membership application

Due to the developing COVID-19 situation, JASWDC has moved to postpone the Sakura Matsuri - Japanese Street FestivalRead More