Registration for the Japanese Language School’s Fall Semester is now open! Class & Registration Information for the Fall 2019 Semester is available below. Final Deadline for registration without late fee is Friday, September 13th, 2019!

 Thank you very much for your patience and support!

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For all questions, please call (202) 833-2210 or e-mail info@jaswdc.org. If you need assistance in finding your most suitable class level, you may call or e-mail us, or take a self-assessment placement test.

We kindly ask that you refer to our FAQ before inquiring. Thank you.

Language & Culture School

The Japan-America Society offers Japanese and English language instruction and other classes for special cultural activities such as Japanese calligraphy, yoga in Japanese, and kimono classes. Whether you are looking to start fresh or improve your current language skills, or if you want to take up a new traditional Japanese art form, we have it here for you!

Quick Points about the Japanese Language School (JLS)

    • All our Japanese classes meet once a week for one and a half hours for ten weeks. Classes are on Monday – Thursday, starting at either 5:30pm or 7:00pm.
    • Tuition: $200 for JASWDC members and $275 for non-JASWDC members. There will be a $25 late fee added to the tuition if you sign up after the deadline.
    • You can become a member and sign up for a class at the same time.
    • If you don’t know which class you should join, you can take a self-assessment placement test or stop by our office Monday – Friday, between 9:30am – 5:30pm or contact us at 202-833-2210 or info@jaswdc.org. We can offer you a consultation based on your history of learning Japanese. (Placement tests are not mandatory and are not final indicators of which level you should take.)
    • Class descriptions can be found here. Please note that not all classes will be offered each semester, but that a selection of beginner/intermediate/advanced classes will.
  • All our Japanese classes have a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 12 students. If the class has less than 4 students, that class will be cancelled.

If your questions are not addressed here, please go to the FAQ page before contacting us.

In 2018, JLS plans to begin and end its Japanese language semesters as follows:

Winter 2018: January 8 – March 15 (10 weeks)
Spring 2017: April 23 – June 28 (10 weeks)
Summer 2017: July 9 – September 13 (10 weeks)
Fall 2017:
September 24 – November 29 (10 weeks)

Quick points about the English Language School (ELS)

  • 授業は毎週火曜日、10時(会話クラス)もしくは11時30分(ディスカッションクラス)から。
  • 1学期10週間、各クラス1時間半。
  • 受講費は、日米協会会員様は$200、非会員様は$275。締切後の申込みは事務手数料$25が追加になります。
  • 日米協会会員登録と英語講座のお申し込みを同時に行う事も可能。
  • お申し込みが4名以下の場合、講座が開講されない場合がありますので、予めご了承ください。

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Culture Classes

In addition to traditional Japanese classes, we offer other opportunities, called Culture Classes, to learn and practice the language such as yoga and networking lunches in Japanese.

To learn more about our Culture Classes >>

Weekly Nihongo 

Weekly Nihongo (#WeeklyNihongo) is JASWDC’s online-only casual classroom of Japanese learning. Posted weekly on our Facebook by native Japanese learners, Weekly Nihongo teaches our Internet audience about simple grammar, phrases, words, etymology, and fun facts related to the Japanese language using videos and photos. If you need to brush up on certain Japanese grammar points, or want to learn more behind the language that you’re learning, our bite-sized Weekly Nihongo posts are perfect for you.

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