Shichi-go-san Shinto Ceremony & Photo Shoot
~ Join us in celebrating the growth, well-being, happiness of your children ~

November 16 & 17, 2017 
12:30 to 8:00 P.M.
@JASWDC’s Office

$260 JASW Members   
$270 Non-JASW Members
Space is limited. Register Here

Register by Monday, November 13 at Noon
No refunds for cancellations after Nov 13 at Noon or no shows

Shinto Priestess, Kimono Dresser, photographer: Kuniko Kanawa



Traditionally, Shichi-go-san is a Shinto ritual. We offer an optional ceremonial service led by ordained Shinto priestess, Rev. Kuniko Kanawa, to humbly appreciate and pray to kami (deities) for your child’s growth and well-being. Your fee to offer the evergreen Tamagushi branch to Kami is an additional $60.


* The photo shoot will be conducted in an indoor studio style
* Your child in kimono with Chitose-Ame candy-bag or other props will be posed by a photographer who is also a Kimono model.
* You will receive 6 high resolution digital image data sent by e-mail 1-2 weeks following the photo shoot (from head shot, whole body shot, and back shot). You will get to choose them after confirming thumbnail capture images.
* You will receive 1 complimentary photo if agree Atelier Kanawa and JASWDC to use photos for ads on websites and flyers.
* Maximum photo size is to print is 5 in. x 7 in. to possibly 5 in. x 11 in.

[OPTIONALS (by cash at the door)]

* $15 per additional family members (up to 3) to participate in the photo shoot. Dressing in kimono is for a 753 child only.
* Additional photos may later be purchased for $15 per photo directly from Rev. Kanawa via check or PayPal .


3 & 7 year old girls – Choose from selections of three different colorful & gorgeous kimono, obi sashes and hair accessories.

The size (from shoulder to bottom) for girls, who are 3 years old, is 91cm and 93cm, and 7 years old is 132cm.

5 years old boys – Choose from a selection of three different color & gorgeous pattern haori-hakama. The sizes of kimono for boys are 100cm from shoulder to the ankle and 70cm for hakama from pelvis to below the ankle.

* Please understand that kimono may appear slightly shorter or longer, depending on your child’s height. The photographer will work on angles and framing for the best shots possible.


Please arrive with your child’s hair and makeup ready, clean, unscented, after using the restroom.
Please bring activities for your child just in case you may need to wait longer than expected.


* Dressing & photo shoot takes approximately one hour per person. Please plan accordingly just in case photo shoot runs longer than planned.

* You are welcome to take few photos only with a compact camera. However, please refrain from photographing all the poses and with high performance digital camera especially with tripod, as it will disturb the photo shoot progress and the time schedule.

* Please watch your children to avoid any damage of the kimono and studio equipment. Damages must be compensated.

* No food, drink, outdoor shoes are allowed inside of the studio.

* Any additional payments other than the basic fee of $260 or $270 should be made in cash directly to the photographer on the day of the shoot. JASW does not take any responsibility for those “optional” payments.