When: Friday, July 12th, 2019

from 2:00pm – 3:30pm


Where: Groom Law Group

1701 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20006


JASWDC invites its members and guests to join Ms. Sachiko Ichikawa, Partner at Tanabe & Partners (Tokyo), for a talk on Prime Minister Abe’s Hatarakikata Kaikaku (Work Style Reform) priority, and the observed impact of Japan’s April 2019 labor law reform.

Overview: In April 2019 the Japanese Diet passed the first major amendment of Japan’s Labor Standard Act since its creation in 1947. The amendment is aimed at enacting Hatarakikata Kaikaku, or “Work Style Reform” in Japan. Prime Minister Abe has used Hatarakikata Kaikaku as a slogan promoting his priority of addressing problems such as excessive overtime, health issues, and even Karoushi (“working to death”). The April 2019 labor law reform takes aim at factors such as white-collar exemption of overtime wage, and flexible work environment with Information and Communications Technology (ICT), in order to help introduce and reinforce the concept that job performance should be measured not by the by the value of the deliverable rather than the number of work hours.

After years of power struggle between employers and workers, Japan’s new laws are rather different than the original concept of Hatarakikata Kaikaku. Initial complaints abound. For example, merely receiving a manager’s approval for overtime can reportedly take a half an hour. Workers question the meaningfulness of just a couple days of parental leave that is now afforded to male workers. What is really happening at offices in Japan? How are young workers reacting to the new laws and what real impact do they have on shaping Japanese work style? What are the implications for US companies doing business in Japan?

About the Speaker

Ms. Sachiko Ichikawa is a current partner at Tanabe & Partners (Tokyo). She is a graduate of The University of Tokyo, and she holds an LLM from Georgetown University Law Center. Ms. Ichikawa is a Certified Attorney at Law in Japan and New York State and a US Certified Public Accountant and Statutory auditor at Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.(Tokyo, known as MUJI brand).

For over 20 years, Ms. Ichikawa has focused on employment laws and corporate governance. Ms. Ichikawa is deeply familiar with Human Resource Management in Japan, given her background as in-house lawyer and as a litigator defending companies in court.

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photo credit: the diplomat.com