Date: Monday, December 11
Time: From 6pm to 7:30pm
Place: Japan-America Society of Washington DC
(1819 L Street NW, B2, Washington, DC 20036)
Cost: $30 for JASWDC members and $40 for non-JASWDC members
Deadline: Payment for this course must be received by Thursday, December 7.
Limited space is available.
Textbook: The materials for this course will be provided by the instructor.

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When you have a conversation or give presentation in Japanese, it is important for you to pronounce Japanese correctly in order to deliver your message. There are many differences in pronunciation between Japanese and English.

Have you ever thought that Japanese pronunciation is hard? Have you ever wondered if you are speaking Japanese with the correct pronunciation or intonation? In this workshop, you will learn how to improve your reading and pronunciation skills.

Class Level: This class is most suitable for students in courses numbered 303 and above, or if you can read and understand the text below without major difficulties (You can check the English translation on the second page of the flyer):

Q: キリスト教の信者でもないのに、クリスマスを祝う人が多いのはなぜですか。

A: クリスチャンでもないのに教会で結婚式を挙げたり、仏教徒でもないのに葬式はお寺で執り行ったり、こと宗教に関しては日本人のこだわりのなさがクリスマスについても言えます。


(Source from: 『外国人が聞きたがる100のWHY、英語で話す日本の謎』)

About the Teacher: Watanabe-sensei has had professional theater training since she was a child and has worked as an actress, an announcer, and an MC. She has more than 30 years of experience teaching Japanese to foreigners of all levels in Japan and the U.S.