One of the Japan-America Society’s most important missions is to reach out to the next generation of young Americans and engage them in Japanese language and culture. We strive to promote this intercultural understanding through our “Japan-in-a-Suitcase” program.

Tanaka and Green Academic Scholarship

In 2014 JASWDC established the Tanaka and Green Academic Scholarships to support short-term academic study (one semester or one academic year) at colleges and universities in Japan. The scholarships are made possible thanks to the Society’s H. William and Lily Tanaka Scholarship Endowment and the Marshall and Lispenard Green Educational Endowment.


We hope to supplement the language and cultural needs of young children with Japanese backgrounds in the Washington DC area by offering Ohanashikai. ワシントン日米協会では日本語が理解できる会員のお子様(2歳~5歳)を対象に日本のお話や歌を教えるプログラムを開催しています。

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