In July 2018, extensively heavy rainfall in Western Japan spurred one of the country’s worst natural disasters in over 30 years. As rescue and recovery efforts continue in the area, the Society urges you to consider donating to the following organizations directly involved in relief activities following one of the worst weather disasters in Japan’s history. This is only a small list of donation centers, but we encourage you to donate wherever possible.

Japan Flood Friendship Fund
Japanese Red Cross Society
Rakuten Relief Efforts
Civic Force (Japanese NGO, via GlobalGiving)
Peace Boat Disaster Relief
Koyamada Int’l Foundation

The Society sends our strength to all of Japan: to those who have lost family members and loved ones, to those whose homes have been damaged or destroyed, to the thousands of evacuees, and to the volunteers and NGOs working to help those in need in the country they love. We, too, love Japan, and during times like these, that connection grows even stronger no matter where we are in the world.

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